Frozen footprints, Houghton’s Pond

Boston, MA 03/18/2015 Frozen footprints in Houghton's Pond. Alex Jones /

Milton, MA 03/18/2015
Frozen footprints in Houghton’s Pond.

It’s been a vicious cycle of freezing and thawing in Boston, and I noticed the other day as I was driving to an early morning job in Cambridge that the sunrise over the ice on the Charles River was reflected particularly well. The ice has ceased being white and is now a glossy clear shade, more mirrorlike than before.

Additionally, I’m in the planning stages of an awesome and lengthy photo trip this fall with a good friend that will involve lots of hiking. Time to test out new ways of carrying the 4×5.  New boots and a new pack, for sure.  I saw the clouds and the weather lining up for what looked like a good sunset on Wednesday and decided to test everything out.

Osprey Atmos 65L

Osprey Atmos 65L, featuring the best suspension ever invented

Yaktrax are key here

Yaktrax are key here



What’s that, you say? Winds gusting to 50? Excellent day for some large format photography.

The sunset ended up being only kind of decent, and not amazing like I had hoped, but I was able to discover that most everything works well in its current setup.  There’s definitely some room for improvement, but we’re a far cry from my first pictures last summer in Vinalhaven that involved me carrying a broken down monorail view camera in one backpack, the lenses in a separate camera bag, and the film in a 3rd.  It’s a process.

After all that, I shot only 2 frames.


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