Mother Brook Arts Center for Dedham Life Magazine

Dedham, MA 01/08/2014
Ceramic sculptor Josephine Burr prepares clay in her studio at the Mother Brook Arts & Community Center.
Alex Jones / www.alexjonesphoto.com

I was asked to photograph the Mother Brook Arts & Community Center (also known as the wonderful building that contains my studio) last month for a spread in Dedham Life Magazine chronicling the changes underway as everyone gets up and running, with a particular emphasis on the Metalmorphosis studio on the first floor.  Here’s a [...]

In which I use up an entire roll of cinefoil to get the shot


This has to be the most ridiculous lighting setup I’ve ever invented.  I got a last minute request from my friends at South Shore Hospital recently asking if I could come down and photograph a beautiful new commemorative plaque in their 6th floor lobby. The problem: it’s made of glass, and faces a wall of [...]

In the studio: Eva and Paul


I was happy to welcome new denim company Eva and Paul to the studio last week for a shoot highlighting their Anise Slim jean.  Loving the natural light fill (and my beauty dish).

The start of something big

My new (old) desk

I’m happy to report that this morning I signed the lease on what will be my new studio space: classroom 20 in the former Avery Elementary School in East Dedham.  Light is streaming through the 4 north-facing windows as I type this, and some big changes will be underway for not just my room, but [...]

From the archives: FBI Special Agent Geoffrey Kelly


Moments ago, the FBI announced that they have identified suspects in the Gardner Art Museum Heist, which happened 23 years ago today.  I had the pleasure of photographing Geoff Kelly, the Special Agent in charge of the investigation, for the Financial Times a few years ago in the bureau’s office at Government Center.  Lots of security [...]

A difficult assignment


This was one of the tougher assignments I’ve received lately: photograph the widow of a recently departed Boston Police officer.  I live only a few blocks away, and I had noticed a BPD cruiser parked outside a house on Weld Street for several days early last month. It turned out to be the department offering [...]

South Shore Hospital Display

South Shore Hospital’s Charitable Foundation is a great client of mine, and I was honored when they asked me to provide the photography for an installation recognizing their donors in the hospital’s newly renovated main lobby.  We knocked it out over two days in November with lots of help from their amazingly flexible staff.  They [...]

Veronica and Matt

I was recently asked by Walpole Times reporter and fellow University of Texas alum Veronica Hamlett if I’d be interested in shooting some informal engagement pictures.  Of course I would!  We settled on the north side of the Charles River near MIT as a location that would give a great view of Boston in the [...]

Patrick Regan

I was asked by Patrick, a screenwriter and fellow southerner living in Boston, if I could shoot a professional photo for his social media marketing efforts.  The window light in his place was a great start, and a little studio flash rounded it out.  Special thanks to Patrick’s dog Cass for jumping up on the [...]

Out of the archives: Alex Trevino

This post marks the start of a recurring feature highlighting photos from the past that make me smile.  It’s the start of high school football season here in New England, and while I enjoy covering my favorite sport again, I can’t help but miss the huge crowds and the electric atmosphere of Texas on a [...]

Forest Rothchild, Golf Ball Diver

Click here for Forest’s story, as told to the Financial Times of London:

Jose Candelaria