The return of film

Dedham, MA 08/05/2014
Phalaenopsis Orchids.Alex Jones /

A little over 2 weeks ago, I indulged a longing desire I’d been trying to repress for quite some time and bought a 4×5.  A big honkin’ view camera with bellows that move up down, left and right, geared knobs to manually focus with, and a piece of ground glass in the back to compose [...]

Swiss pastries

Dedham, MA 07/22/2014
MiniSwirls from swissbäkers, available at the Dedham Farmers Market
Alex Jones /

I couldn’t resist picking up a few pastries while I was at the farmers market, these MiniSwirls from swissbäkers in Allston just looked far too good.

Ever seen a fresh currant before?

Dedham, MA 07/18/2014
Fresh Currants.
Alex Jones /

I knew that red currant jelly was a thing, and I’ve seen them dried in baked goods, but until this week I had no idea how beautiful a box of fresh currants could be.  Like a bunch of little red pearls…

Heirloom Tomatoes

Dedham, MA 07/17/2014
Heirloom tomatoes and Basil from MacArthur Farm.
Alex Jones /

Continuing the series from the Dedham Square Farmers Market this week: Heirloom tomatoes and a little bit (ok, a whole lot) of basil.

Rainy day at the market

Dedham, MA 07/16/2014
Rainbow Carrots from the Dedham Farmers Market.
Alex Jones /

It’s been raining all day, but I was able to sneak in a visit to the weekly farmers market held in Dedham Square to see what looked good. These rainbow carrots are first up — more to come in the days ahead!

A little Armagnac for the summer

Delord Armagnac, 25 years old.
Alex Jones /

I’m told that as the great whiskey shortage gets worse, we’ll all be switching to the next great barrel-aged liquor, Armagnac.  Not sure if I agree with that, but this bottle is pretty good.  Plus, I can channel my inner Bond Villain as I swirl it around in a snifter and cue up my best [...]

Studies in color, shape, and desire

Dedham, MA 05/13/2014Balcones Texas WhiskyAlex Jones /

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been trying something new with my personal work: I’ve been making stuff up. It’s a strange feeling, coming from the land of Photojournalism, where everything must be the truth, and strict ethical rules prevent photographers from influencing the outcome of the situations they photograph.  Break the rules, and [...]


Dedham, MA 05/12/2014
Polar Seltzer.
Alex Jones /

Today I put a little book knowledge to work photographing some Polar Seltzer in the studio on a warm spring day.  Amazing how much the bubbles change size (and how quickly) after pouring. Shot with one light, believe it or not.

South Shore Hospital Marathon Team

Hingham, MA 03/08/2014
South Shore Hospital Marathon Team practice at Wompatuck State Park.
Alex Jones /

I had the pleasure of photographing South Shore Hospital’s marathon team on a training run last month for the hospital’s charitable foundation, a longtime client of mine.  The assignment was simply to photograph tight action of the team members running, with the goal of getting enough photos to make a 30 second TV spot. Knowing [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Dedham, MA 03/17/2014
Bushmills Irish Whiskey for St. Patrick's Day
Alex Jones /

Because it’s Friday

Blanton's Bourbon

Happy Friday!  The hardest part about photographing single barrel bourbon is not drinking it.

Mother Brook Arts Center for Dedham Life Magazine

Dedham, MA 01/08/2014
Ceramic sculptor Josephine Burr prepares clay in her studio at the Mother Brook Arts & Community Center.
Alex Jones /

I was asked to photograph the Mother Brook Arts & Community Center (also known as the wonderful building that contains my studio) last month for a spread in Dedham Life Magazine chronicling the changes underway as everyone gets up and running, with a particular emphasis on the Metalmorphosis studio on the first floor.  Here’s a [...]

Product photography for Cape Codder Sunglasses


  I was contacted recently by the folks at Cape Codders sunglasses, who were looking to redo the product photography for their line of wooden sunglasses that feature both polarized and mirrored lenses.  The biggest challenge by far was keeping the reflections of my equipment out of the lenses, but I’m very pleased with the [...]